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Welcome to the Children's and Teen Series Binder
Helping you find what kids and teens want to read.

About the Series Binder

Created by the Webster Public Library and maintained by users from all over the globe in order to help librarians, teachers, parents, and kids find the chronological and publication order of series books. The Children's and Teen Series Binder seeks to create a comprehensive listing of series books for youth.

The Children's and Teen Series Binder is hosted by LIS Host, the librarian web hosting company, and is best viewed with the latest version of Firefox.

How Do I Use the Series Binder?

The Children's and Teen Series Binder is organized by series title and genre, and the entire wiki is searchable by keyword. Series titles are listed in alphabetical order in the Table of Contents. You can also browse the Category Link List, which is a list of all the genres, authors, and categories of books in the Children's and Teen Series Binder.

If you're interested in becoming a contributor, email us at for a user ID and password.

Table of Contents

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