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If you or your library would like to contribute to the Series Binder, please email the Series Binder admin at seriesbinder@gmail.com for a user name and password.

Getting Started

Welcome to the Series Binder editing tutorial.

Wikipedia, another wiki project that uses the same software as the Series Binder, already has a comprehensive web page on how a wiki works. If you have not used a wiki before, it is a good idea to read over their general information on wikis before attempting to edit the Series Binder.

Basic Editing Commands

Most of the commands that you will need to know in order to edit the Series Binder are covered on this cheat sheet. These commands, called Wikitext, will enable you to change the font, create headings, subheadings, links, and lists within your Series Binder web page.

A more in-depth cheat sheet for advanced users can be found here.

Information on how to start a new page can be found here.

If you have a general question, you will most likely be able to find an answer on the Wikipedia Tips Page.

Contacting the Series Binder

If you can not find an answer to your question on any of the provided Wikipedia help pages, feel free to contact the Series Binder admin at seriesbinder@gmail.com with your questions. No question is too small!

Special Considerations

For the purposes of this wiki, a series is a collection of three or more books. Additionally, the Series Binder is intended to focus on books for infants to 5th or 6th grade.

Category Links

You will notice that all entries in the Series Binder have a "Categories" section at the very bottom of the page. These categories are used to denote genre, author, or basic subject information about the contents of a series. They also link your page with other related pages in the Series Binder, and make it easier for users to find similar books when browsing the wiki. Category links are can be created by entering the genre, author's name, or general contents of the series after the colon in the Wikitext command: [[Category:Add_Your_Text_Here]]. Specific information on creating category links can be found below.

It is required that all web pages about series books have the category link: [[Category:List of Books in the Series Binder]] added at the very bottom of your page of Wikitext. This category links your web page to the Series Binder's Table of Contents. Other category links can be added at your discretion, but we ask that you observe the following guidelines when creating category links.

Category Links Guidelines

  • Capitalization: Due to the nature of the Series Binder's software, a hyperlink containing the word "books" will not link to the same location as a hyperlink containing the word "Books." To keep the look of the Series Binder consistent, please use title case when entering a new category link for a genre, subject, or author.
  • Genre Category Links: When creating a genre category link, you only need to enter the genre of the series after the colon in the in the Wikitext command [[Category:Enter Genre Here]]. If there is no apparent genre for a given series, no genre tag is necessary. Conversely, if there are multiple genres in one series, you can add multiple genre category links. We ask that you only add new genre category links if it applies to at least three series in the Series Binder.
  • Subject Category Links: Some series have an overarching theme or subject that is not related to the series' genre. Series like Thoroughbred and Pony Pals are both about horses and ponies, so they both have the category links [[Category:List of Books about Horses and Ponies]] and [[Category:List of Books about Animals]]. Again, we ask that you only add new subject category links if it applies to at least three series. We ask that you include the phrase "List of Books about" in the subject category tag.
  • Author Category Links: When creating a category link for the author of a series please use the following format: [[Category:List of Books by Insert_Author's_Name_Here]]. There is no minimum number of series your author category link must apply to. An author category link is not necessary if multiple authors wrote a series, or if no author is given.

To view a complete list of all of the category links in the Series Binder clicking here. You are free to use any of the pre-established category links, or you can create new ones if you'd like.

Creating Internal Links

If you wish to create a link to another series' page, you can do so by simply putting the title of the page in two double brackets. The Wikitext command [[Star Wars]] creates an internal link to the Star Wars Series Binder page that looks like this: Star Wars.

Linking Related Series

If two series share some of the same characters or plot lines, you are encouraged to create internal links in the "Other Books" subheading. An example of this kind of related series linking can be seen in the Stink and Judy Moody series.

Creating External Links

If you want to create a link to a web page that is not a part of the Series Binder, you simply put the full URL, a space, and then a short description of the web page you a linking to inside a set of single brackets. The Wikitext command [http://www.google.com Google] creates an external link to Google.

External Links Section

If you are able to find a link to an author's personal web site, an official web site about a series, or a publisher's web site, please include it in an "External Links" section on the series' wiki page. We ask that the "External Links" section be the last section on a series' wiki page. If you are including mutiple links, be sure to add an asterisk ( * ) before the brackets surrounding the URL and web site description.

Red Hyperlinks

If you create a new category link, and the link appears in red text that means that the link has not yet been activated and will not be accessible to the Series Binder users. To activate the link, click on it while you are logged in. Then, you will be taken to a page with a box that allows you to enter text in it. Add a brief description of your category link, and click "save."

Film and TV Productions

If a film or TV adaptation of a series in the Series Binder has been produced, feel free to provide a link to the Internet Movie Database's entry on the film or TV show under a "Film Productions" or "TV Productions" heading. See the following entries for examples:

Creating a Customized Table of Contents

If you would like to create a table of contents that only lists the series books that are at your library, you can copy the template used to make Fairport Public Library's custom table of contents, or you can follow the directions below.

  1. Create a new wiki page with your library's name as the title.
  2. Copy and paste the following code to create a two column table:
{| class="wikitable" style="margin:auto;" width=100%
*[[Insert Title Here]]
*[[Insert Title Here]]
*[[Insert Title Here]]
*[[Insert Title Here]]
*[[Insert Title Here]]
*[[Insert Title Here]]

  1. Insert titles in the "Insert Titles Here" area.
  2. Your final product should look something like this.
  3. You must manually alphabetize the titles in your custom table of contents. At this time, the wiki will not automatically do it for you.